Join our cookout

Enjoy outdoor seating for an interactive experience you will always remember. Every meal is all-inclusive of each course. Our famous steak and chicken will have your mouth watering for more!


Appetizers - Fresh homemade potato chips and buffalo brats.


Drinks - Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee or Hot Tea. Adult beverages are BYOB. We provide an ice bucket, cups, and bottle openers.


Main Course - You have the option of choice sirloin steak, chicken breast, or trout hand-trimmed and cooked to perfection on the tines of a pitchfork in a large cauldron of hot oil heated by a wood fire. Rare to well-done.


*Vegetarian Option- We grill you a large selection and portion of colorful mixed vegetables and fruit. 


Fondue Sauces - Taste each of our delicious homemade sauces to create your favorite flavor. 


Fresh Sides - Fill your plate family-style with green and fruit salads with a dinner roll,  baked potato, and fried onions  all cooked in the cauldron.


Dessert - Fulfill your sweet tooth with our famous homemade brownie or lemon bar.  



Tax & gratuity are not included

*Each meal is all-inclusive of the above options.