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Our Story

Pitchfork Fondue first setup their western outdoor cookout in the mid-1990’s on a working cattle ranch just outside Jackson Hole, then found a permanent home in the spring of 2000 in Pinedale, Wyoming.  When the weather gets warm, this is the place where travelers come from far and near to enjoy traditional cowboy cooking over a wood fire , along with stunning views of the Wind River Mountains.


In 2015, long time locals, Matt and Liz David purchased the Pitchfork Fondue from Darrell and Verna Walker. The traditional meals from 30 years ago are still being served with new twists and additions.


Matt's family was one of the first families to homestead the area many years ago. Growing up in a family of cowboys and outfitters, Matt has a natural passion for outdoor mountain life, western culture, and hosting guests.


Liz is an environmental science teacher, excellent horsewoman and skier. Her father, Doc Johnson, was the town's doctor for over 50 years which cultivated a family immersed in the community of Sublette County. 


After Matt and Liz married in 1986, they ran Wyoming Rivers and Trails outfitting business taking guests on custom trips in the Wind River Mountains on horseback, fishing, canoes, and hiking. Hosting guests for a one-of-a-kind memorable experience is their niche. With a rich knowledge of the area's history, the two are excellent hosts to locals and new guests alike. 


The Pitchfork Fondue staff will ensure you have a true western cookout experience with quality customer service. 

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